An Introduction to Alethic Integral Coaching Service Provided by Integral Alive founder Gary Hawke.

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What is Integral Alive

Integral Alive offers you the chance to reorganise your life. Leading to a transformation of your world.

Integral Alive aims to support your growth, helping you to recognise that you have all the skills and abilities to be what you want, to achieve your goals, to bring a deeper awareness to your life, relationships, sense of being, and your place within the world.

But the best thing about Integral Alive is its command intent – It must all be simple because the feeling of being is the most simple feeling of all.

I have been involved within the Integral Community for 6 years. I brought to the community over 20 years experience running psycho-educational programmes and workshops.

As a Health and Care Professions Council Registered Dramatherapist, I have worked using Integral Theory, with actors, teachers, organisations, schools, the homeless – drug misuse – teenagers – young children – prisoners, and families, along with providing one to one and group therapeutic support.

I discovered Integral Theory almost 15 years ago and really dived into the theory whilst training as a Dramatherapist. For me Integral Theory was not an academic undertaking it was a journey of personal discovery.

The more I learnt about Integral Theory, the more I wanted to explore how the approach can support positive growth – “What were the practices of Integral Theory”, I asked, “What can it do for me, and the people I work with”

I also wanted to make Integral Theory as accessible as possible, my aim was to keep it simple. I want to offer a way in which Integral Theory can be used everyday.

In my quest to understand the intricate workings of Integral Theory, I traveled to Boulder Colorado (the home of Integral Theory), met with Ken Wilber, the designer of Integral Theory, and have completed, and passed the Level Two Advanced Integral Training.

For 6 years ran an Integral Life Practice group within the UK and USA, and through August 2010 and March 2011 I led an experimental ILP group.

I began to develop my Integral Alive work in conjunction with Roy Bhaskar’s Philosophy of metaReality. I soon recognised that metaReality provided one of the most developed and accessible philosophies of non-dual spirituality, and Integral Theory provided the overarching framework for personal, and social growth. This interdisciplinarity approach created Alethic Integral Coaching.

In 2012, I developed Alethic Integral into a three day retreat, in which the group explored the four tenets of Alethic Integral, More, Edge, Love, Doing, and I further developed the work into a weekend workshop that introduced Alethic Integral as Experience Embodiment, Encounter and Enactment.

You can read more about the retreat here and if you would like to check out the four tenets, I would recommend reading this post here.

Integral Alive is designed to support and help your growth. Integral Alive is not a static fixed approach, it is an approach that is structured to meet your needs.

Practices are rehearsals of desired qualities, which eventually become spontaneous, natural ways of being. (Roger Walsh)

Within this site you will discover how I use Integral Theory to create Integral Alive, read what others have said about Integral Alive Sessions that I have delivered. And by subscribing to the Members Section read and use some of the practices I use within my workshops.

To keep you up to date I have posted blogs, reviews and articles that explore the evolution of Integral Alive, all can be found here.

I am more than happy to chat with you about Integral Alive, and would welcome the chance to show you how Integral Alive can bring a deeper meaning to you life.

“Gary’s Alethic weekend was a profound, illuminating, powerful experience and provided the group with many opportunities to be connected beyond our egoic stories, to the sacred in ourselves, in each other and with life. Throughout the workshop, Gary led the group with strength and integrity and was an inspiring embodiment of open-intelligence and presence. I really appreciated the clarity of his perception, his humble, but powerful guidance through the ever-shifting process, for really honouring whatever was present in the room and meeting and serving that; always with grace, always with sincerity and authenticity. He also provided excellent work at a reasonable cost and was on time and personable and delivered superlative work!”

Barbara J Hunt – Integral Evolutionary Singer/Songwriter/Performer


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